Thursday, August 5, 2010


I received an advertisement in the mail back in April I think about the Circus coming to the American Airlines Center and ever since then, I wanted to take Kylan. I knew he would like it just because he LOVES animals. Anyway, we went last Thursday and here are some of the pics!! :-)

Like Father-Like Son:
The Pre-Show:
This clown was hilarious. He kept getting close to Taylor and she kept moving. He just kept following! It as so funny!

On to the show:
Now on the one below, this was hilarious!! They played some rap type music and I looked over and saw all of the daycare kids dancing! They all were standing up and going at it!!! :-D It was probably one of those "had to be there" moments but it was still funny!
And this is what we saw of Kylan A LOT of the show: (He LOVED his light)
Look at these teeth!!! Tigers are such beautiful animals but the STILL scare me!!! ;-)
**These below are courtesy of Taren. She had a much better view of the elephants :-)
When the one below was going on, I was really trying to figure out if that hurt! Do Elephants have teeth???? If so, OUCH!!!! Obviously this was a part of the show! ;-)

This one was kind of like a Cirque Du Soleil (which I LOVE) because all of the whimsical type stuff so I didn't mind:

Well, I took I think around 100 pics and I just can't post them all so I did some of the ones I liked most. I am just glad that I am home to be able to to experience some of these 1st's with him!! :-)

I can't wait to take him next year! I've heard that they have 2 crews with Barnum and Bailey and they switch out crews each year. Next years should be totally different :-) Off to do some laundry!


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Erika Carrillo said...

Cute picts!!! Looks like you had a blast. I just love those special Family Moments!!