Sunday, August 29, 2010


Well, it has been 2 wks and I am FINALLY posting my Salt Lake City, Utah pictures! I am a slacker, I know ;-) As you all know, I am an Internet CEO Mom and I LOVE working from home. Well, Convention was in the middle of August and I had a chance to go. At first I was REALLY scared about traveling by myself but once I did it,it was really peaceful. I could and will definitely do it again next year when Convention is in Minneapolis! I got to meet some of the people that I talk to on a daily basis and it was so much fun!!! I thought it was going to be like an awkward first blind date but it really wasn't. I guess because I have talked to them so much that we are all just naturally friends :-) I could go on and on so lets get to the pictures:

Kylan just didn't understand that I was going on an airplane and he wasn't so I had to make a chart:
Myself, Erika (My first business builder from CA) and Sarah (My enroller from Minnesota but now lives in Utah)
Rebecca (Sarah's Enroller), Sarah, Myself, and Lisa (Rebecca's Enroller)
Now this, this was interesting! They were dancing!!! I have NEVER seen anyone dance the way they did. I will definitely be taking video of this next year ;-D
These are the views from Sarah's house! She lives about 20 or so minutes from Salt Lake City in the mountains and I absolutely LOVED it! I could definitely live there. The only thing stopping me from moving there is family that lives here. The weather was perfect and the view was just gorgeous!! I seriously fell in love with that place!
Baby Easton! He's such a cutie :-)
Awards Banquet! From Left to Right (Who enrolled who) Lisa, Rebecca, Sarah, Myself, and Erika
Gina's girls (She's awesome)
Internet CEO Moms that went to convention (at banquet)

I look forward to going to Minneapolis next year and then back to Salt Lake the next year. Thanks Sarah for letting me stay at your house! You're the best :-)


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Erika Carrillo said...

Love the picts!!! I absolutely LOVE Kylan's chart. What a great idea!