Thursday, February 11, 2010

Speaking of Colorado.... (Part 1)

I feel like I am back there again. The weather people were saying we probably wouldn't get much yesterday and then last night we were supposed to get 2-4 inches and it has just gone up and up in inches. The last time it snowed a couple of inches is when Kylan was a baby:

And now we are experiencing it again. This time we are home and Kylan can actually enjoy it! :-) He's down for a nap now but when he wakes up, we are supposed to go pick up Taylor from school and we plan on having some fun!!! I just packed up the snow suites but I think I may need to get them back out!!!! :-S

This is just a preview. The camera is in the big truck and Scott's not here so there will be more pics to come. Especially since the snow is STILL falling :-)

I was just telling Scott that I don't remember when it has snowed this much. I think the last time it's snowed like this was in the 80's when I was young or maybe when I was in high school. I may be wrong but here is a pic of when I was young. I was standing here with my dad in our old front yard at the house in Mesquite. Don't you just LOVE the 80's attire and the shingles in the yard!!! hahahahahaha
I think this was probably the same storm. This was Scott (in his famous blue pants) with his snowman :-) (I wonder is his mom still has those pants ;-))

Well, I am going to relax while Kylan is down and I will put more pics up when Scott get home with the camera :-)

Hope everyone is enjoying the snow :-)

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