Thursday, January 7, 2010

Wii, Stock-piled animals, cold weather, and kitty plays with cars???

This is a little post of random stuff!  Scott has taught Kylan how to play Wii!!  I was surprised, he's pretty good :-)

You know, we are having some pretty cold weather here!!  The meteorologists are saying it hasn't been this cold in over 12 years.  It's supposed to be in the lower 20's tomorrow and in the teens at night with a windchill of single digits or negatives!!!  Well, Scott had to fix princess, oops Bandit, up outside!  We would bring him in but he has soooooo much fur that he gets miserable inside because it's too hot for him.  Scott built him a mansion for him to sleep in since he won't get in his doghouse:

Obviously he LOVES it :-)

This next part is really funny!  We used to see this every now and then but now it's becoming a nightly occurrence.  He stock-piles up all his stuffed animals that he sleeps with in the corner of his bed.  It's so funny.  I don't know why he does this but he does:

Now, Kylan has been a typical 2 year old these past couple of days!!  We LOVE him to death but man, this boy is VERY headstrong and has a mouth on him!!!!!!!  He LOVES testing our patience!  People tell me all the time, "just wait until he starts talking back".  My response is "what are talking about, he already does!"  He hits some and we have done everything to break this habit by putting him in time-out.  I have swatted his hand to show him that it hurts people when he hits and it hurts our feelings, but that didn't work.  Can't really spank him because I think he is a little too young for that right now.  So we started taking away his favorite toys and putting some place where he can see them.  It seems like it's working some.  He gets really upset when we take them so I think it may work after we do it for a couple of days.  I mean, what's next?  Grounding him?? hahaha  Or maybe we can call Super Nanny! hahahahaha
Here's the lineup:

4 of his favorite toys all lined up!  I am sure this won't be the last time so there may be more pictures.

Well, off to put lil man to bed then take a nice warm bath!!

Have a good evening! :-)

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