Monday, January 11, 2010

Saturday Night Cowboys Game!!

We went over to my sister's in Rockwall Saturday night to watch the Cowboy Game and let Kylan let out some steam.  I wish we lived closer that way Kylan could be closer to his cousins, because boy does he talk about them!!  Here are a few pics from the night:

He loved watching Toy Story with the girls.  Mia (the one at the top of the pic) was holding Kylan's hand and I tried to run and get the camera but when I got back, no luck! :-(  It was so cute :-)

Hmmmmm, maybe we should get one of these ;-) j/k

Notice the big purple and red bump on the side of his forehead!  The kids were so wound up, running around like a bunch of crazy animals, and this is what resulted!!  He got one on the other side and that's when we said, enough!  Time to go watch a movie and calm down.

Playing with Aunt Reagan!

Goooooooooo Cowboys!
He had his little Romo jersey on that his aunt and uncle gave him for his 1st birthday but Mia got in her pj's, so Kylan had too! :-)  But we did get one with his cousin Max's cowboys helmet on!  Maybe I will get a pic this weekend with it on :-)

We had yummy steaks, salad and potatoes and wanted to thank them for having us over :-)  We definitely need to do it more often, that is when you don't have too many tests going on Reagan!  We are going to need you to get through Nursing School so we can do this more often :-)

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