Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sleeping pills,garden, and night-nights!

Well, we are finally done celebrating our anniversary!!  This was the first time we celebrated it for a week!! hehe  We went to go pick out our new mattress that we had credit for and it's supposed to be delivered today!!  I can't wait, it's going to be like sleeping on a cloud.  Ahhhhhhh  I can just see myself falling back with my arms wide open and all the covers bouncing when I hit the bed.  Well, I would have to jump up because our bed it kinda tall!! lol  We then went to the King Tut thing at the Dallas Museum of Art.  It was fun and interesting.  I just don't know if all of it is real.  To me, some of it looked fake but who knows, I could be totally wrong about that.  It was nice though to just go, just me and Scott.

Well, I haven't been sleeping well at all.  I think Saturday night I may have gotten an hour and a half of sleep.  I finally started watching a movie at 3:00 a.m.  It's such a miserable feeling to be up when everyone else is asleep, especially while there were some good sleeping storms all night!  I just sat and watched the lightning for the longest time.  I started taking the sleeping pills that my ob/gyn prescribed me while I was pregnant with Kylan, because I couldn't sleep since he doing acrobats in my stomach.  I never took them when I was prego because I was so paranoid, for Kylan's sake.  Well, I am taking them now and I sleep great, but 15 minutes after take them, I better be lying in bed or else it's like I black out and become loopy!!  For some reason, I am obsessed with Kylan's night-nights.  If I am up walking and I am in the loopy stage, I go in Kylan's room and take one of his blankets and want to fall asleep in there.  Of course I don't take the one's he's using, I take the ones that are just sitting on the rocking chair.  I was getting the bed ready to go to bed last night and I found one of his blankets in bed.  I asked Scott "why was this in our bed?" and he said because I went in there and got it.  He told me to go put the roast in the fridge since it was thawing for today, which I must say smells soooooooo good (it's in the crock pot).  He said I went in Kylan's room and took one of his blankets.  I told Scott, "why do you tell me to go do things while I am loopy from those pills then?"  Oh well, one day he will find me sleeping in Kylan's bed with him if he keeps sending me places while I'm loopy!! ha!

I am so excited!!  I just picked off our first squash.  I am just a little gardener now that I am home.  I saw a couple of jalapenos that just started to grow so now I know I am doing something right with the garden.  The tomato plants are getting bigger and I weeded out the corn.  It will be so nice not having to go to the store and try to find the veggies, since they are always rotten it seems and so expensive.  I also go these little flower pots and tree pots from Target during green week and my flowers are growing.  I have one sprout from the tree so maybe it will grow more to plant.
This is the finished product of the fence from the post a week or so ago!
The rest of the pictures are just some pics that I took while outside playing over the weekend.  We are outside alot now that Kylan can do things.
Thinking we might have a little snooper on our hands!! LOL
Watching Bandit get a bath!
Playing in Bandits water!  Definitely going to be a water and outside child!
Here he was wanting to wear my boots, lets just say they were too heavy for him to walk in!

OK, now off to make appointments for lil man to get his hair cut and for me to take him to Frisco to get fitted for ear plugs for vacation (that's if we still get to go because of that stupid Swine Flu) and the lake season.  Hope everyone has a great week!


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