Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Exciting Weekend!

This past weekend was so much fun! The weather was perfect so I went to Canton on Saturday with my mom to get some holiday smelling candles and whatever else we found. It's something we have been doing ever since I was little and it's so amazing seeing how much it's changed and grown over the years and months! There was so much that I wanted to get but had to hold off but it did give me ideas on how I would like to decorate the house for the holidays! :-)

I came home and Scott immediately said, "Kylan, go show momma". I was think maybe he got a new toy or his room got rearranged. I walk in his room and this is what I saw:
Now this isn't the right way to get out Kylan!
I layed down with him that night to rub his back so he wouldn't get out of bed. I did that for the past few nights and then Scott said, "you are going to have to find another way to put him to bed because I can't lay in that bed when you aren't home!" So funny! Can you imagine Scott laying in that tiny little bed! hahahahahaha
He got to where he would put his leg up on the top and try to climb out so it was just a matter of time before he was going to start doing it. He's been going through some growing spurts here lately so we knew it wouldn't be long. I thought I was ready but then I got kind of sad! No more crib :-( He's just growing up WAY to fast!

On a little side note, I LOVE this Febreze LED candle! I got it yesterday and it smells sooooooooo good! I got the Willow Blossom one. It's not too bad on looks either. :-)
Well, off to go eat some lunch with Scott and maybe see a movie since Kylan's at Granna's today!

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